Friday, August 31, 2012

Potty Training

I don’t think I have mentioned on here that Maddie is potty trained! She has been for a while, 2 months +. I just don’t think I ever took the time to write it all out. I decided to wait  until she had finished school so that we would be home all the time and I wouldn’t have to worry about her teachers trying to replicate my methods.

We started Memorial Day weekend because she was so excited about using frog potty. We “ran out of diapers” and only had big girl underpants left. I started out with me asking her to go every 15 minutes or so. Sometimes she would have to go and sometimes not, but did treats when we did go. Eventually we got to the point where she knew 1 jelly bean for “pee pees” and 2 jelly beans for “poops.” Maddie went through the phase where she wouldn’t poop on the potty. Fortunately we did get through this although it wasn’t pretty for a little while, ha!

I eventually made a big chart to go along with the potty training, a bigger version of what we started with. Yes I bribed her/rewarded her with jelly beans. And there was a time where I thought she is going to be wanting jelly beans for pee when she's 10, but she doesn’t even ask for them now. Just like there was a time where I thought she will never “go on her own,” I'm going to always say, “ok go potty and then we’ll do . . . “ but now she just goes on her own when she needs too.

The frog potty if great. I wish I had a stool a little taller so she could just get on the big potty and go herself – she likes to dump the potty herself and sometimes it’s a little . . . messy. 

Frog potty:

The chart I used: we were obsessed with the stickers!

We do use “Doras” for nap times (she naps ~3hrs) and at night. We are working on naps now.

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