Friday, August 24, 2012

Family Golf Outing

Friday night we decided that if we left the house and ate dinner at Chik-Fil-A real quick we could probably get in nine holes and maybe make it to some ice cream afterwards before bedtime. Clearly we had our priorities straight: food – golf – food. Maddie and Dada were pumped. We took a cart too figuring that way our bags could be on it and then whoever had D could drive. Maddie goes out with Donny all the time to play, its adorable. She knows where the water coolers are, she can tell you where to tee up, and how to appropriately clap depending on the shot. Also, when you tee up she says “1, 2, 3, hit” as you are getting ready to swing. She knows her stuff. Well, D made it to about 6 holes and then was starting to fade so we cut across and played 8 and 9 and called it a night. We headed down for ice cream where D got his first bite – “green kind” from Maddie – he loved it!

Headed down the first hole – such a beautiful night!

Here, I get you some water.

View from the fourth tee.

The boys teeing off.

Maddie teeing off too!


Maddie running up the eighth hole – she likes to run/walk the whole course!

Tending the pin.

Maddie coming off the green when I told her we had one more hole and then we would go get ice cream, ha!!

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