Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Go Bananas!!

That's right, we have a found a food that we not like, but love! Yes, bananas are amazing. Maddie literally leans out of her Bumbo seat to try and get more. She basically pounces on her food. And yes, I "made" the bananas for her food too. She gets half an ice cube cut in with some rice cereal and we are good to go. Maddie loves them so much she eats them twice a day. I think next we are going to move onto pears next and see what we think but it is good to know that we have a good fallback food to go to if need be.

On another note Maddie also had her first cold, when these pix of bananas were taken. She was still just as cute and smiley when she was sick just a little more snotty. I did end up taking her to the pediatrician because she had a 101 degree fever. Dr Cummings just said Tylenol and a humidifier should do it. So far she has done great. She has been sleeping well thanks to the humidifier and its white noise effect. We only did Tylenol one night and we all slept soundly. I loved this because the night before I actually took Maddie to the doctor neither of us got any sleep. By 5:30 I just took Maddie out of her room and Donny found us asleep on the couch. Maddie faired her baby cold well and was a champ, we were very impressed, and, Donny felt bad for giving it to her.
What Snickers, you think you are getting some of this? I don't think so....
I told you, pounce on the food...

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