Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lake Trip!

That's right, another trip to the lake - Maddie is becoming quite the regular. Aunt Melinda was in town for the weekend and Uncle Rick drove down from school to have a little get away at the lake. The day was gorgeous, but, I can't say much for the water temp - it was chilly! Maddie did get on her little raft and float some. Unfortunately we couldn't get the boat in the lift all the way down so we didn't get to go out to dinner on it. We had a ton of fun though just lounging around playing in the water. Melinda - we swear you have not cursed the boat, we will get you out there soon enough!

Pre-bathing suit. Post-sunblock.

Did I mention we love our feet??

Getting in some tummy-time on her raft.

Look at our two snoozers! Maddie was playing with Donny's hair, got tired, and fell asleep sitting up!

All that water wears her out!

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