Friday, September 24, 2010

Toys, Toys, and more TOYS!

What could be more fun than new toys? Maddie loves her exersaucer, a hand-me-down, but nonetheless entirely amusing. We have gotten some new toys to "clip" on to fill some of the missing ones. We have also recently purchased some drums. Maddie is into hitting things and the whole cause-and-effect phase, so what better? These light up and play music when you hit them. They also come together at the base and roll. So, when Maddie decides to start crawling, you can roll them and they play music!

Is that your book in there too Maddie? How educational of you!
Yes, use the rattle to hit the drums, the more noise the better!

What to do at the end of all this play time?? Ahhh, rest!

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