Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bubble Bath

Donny is officially gone out west – he is in San Francisco for the next two weeks. Fortunately I have my mom in town to keep up company. We have been doing lots of baths lately because, well, Maddie loves them, and there are completely different toys to play with. Maddie would stay in the bath until the water ran cold or ran out. We have started to add more bubbles to the bath now to add some extra fun. Poor Maddie of course thinks that she can eat whatever is in the tub. With Donny being gone we have also tried to do a lot of “photo worthy” activities because Donny wants pix messages all the time.
I’m telling you . . . she eats them . . .
Here fishy fishy . . . .
. . . and yes that is “scuba Steve” in the background.

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