Thursday, February 10, 2011

Have you met my bestest buddy?

He may be out of season. He may be small and bounce up and down. And he may sing the same song over and over again . . . but Maddie loves him. I’m serious people, Maddie loves Santa! Aunt Melinda picked this out for her for Christmas (duh), and Maddie has gotten kind of attached. He now has a “bed” which he rests in at night. It’s an old wipes box complete with pillow and pink blanket. The “bed” also doubles as his “sleigh.” If you even think I am joking, I have the proof in the pictures. Maddie and “ta ta” go for sleigh rides all the time! Maddie really does love her “ta ta,” he has gone to the grocery store (when we are sick and not feeling well), he has gone on car trips, and an occasional birthday party or two. Here are some sleigh rides around the house. Let me know if you want to come over and join in, I can get a bigger box!
And you thought I was joking…
Did I forget to mention Santa wears a purple bow? Yeah, that’s because the red holiday one, dare I say it, really is too big for him!

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