Monday, February 28, 2011

Connect the dots

Last week I posted how Maddie had another ear infection. I say another, her first she had when she was seven months and now she is eleven, so it’s not like they are one after another. So back onto amoxicillin she went. That pink stuff goes down like a charm. All was fine and dandy for the 10 days that she was on it. Then came day 11 – all of a sudden, literally, Maddie started having little bumps on her hands and legs. When we changed her into her PJs that night she had hives on the insides of her legs. Poor thing! She has been taking some Benadryl to help with them but she really doesn’t seem to be too phased by it all. I was so excited for Sunday because I was going to dress Maddie in her new cute spring smocked dress and take some pictures. Well she wore the dress plus a ton of new hives that showed up on her arms, legs and face! At church we kept having to tell people “no, don’t worry its just an allergic reaction,” so that people wouldn't think I am parading my child around with chicken pox or something.
I still did take some pictures because she just looked so stinking cute! I love this dress!
Secretly I was hoping, prior to the spots, that I would be able to get some birthday card photos out of this. But, according to the pediatrician, these hives are going to be around for another week or so Sad smile so I will have to find some other goodies to use. Like I said though, she is still in such good spirits but I can’t help but feel bad when I see her little spotted face!
Last night the hives on the inside of her legs were the size of quarters, I kid you not, they were huge. Hopefully tomorrow they will have gone down some. They are just big and red splotches on her teeny, tiny, little “powerful legs!”

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