Friday, February 25, 2011

Holy Moly . . . 11 Months!

I will try to fight back the tears while I make my last “month” post before my Maddie turns the big 1! Maddie here are all the fabulous things you can do:

- you are still a super sleeper through the night and still take two naps a day!

- you really do not like to be fed foods because you are a big girl and can feed yourself

- you love to eat scrambled eggs (southwest style to be exact), macaroni and cheese and mandarin oranges. you also are not afraid to try new things when put in front of you.

- you love, I mean LOVE to say “hi” and wave to people, especially men! I’m talking most of the W&L swim team and really any handsome business men we see out at lunch – she has been known do raise he eyebrows! we are going to have some long talks about this later!

- you have to make sure everyone sees you anywhere we go – you say hi and wave or stare at people until they see you and then wave.

- you are a speedy little crawler and move all over the house now

- you also cruise along furniture or anything else you get your hands on!

- you have taken a few steps on your own but prefer to cruise or “walk” while holding our hands.

- you say “mama,” “dada,” “hi” and a couple other things you recognize. for example every time you see you bottle it’s “buh buh”

- you still (as of the beginning of the month) have no teeth! your gummy smiles are the cutest!

- our favorite thing right now is to see you point to everything (I mean everything) to which you say “geah” and want to know what it is.


You are growing up so fast and I cannot believe that you are going to be one in a few short weeks! It seems like just yesterday I was starting up this blog for your arrival and finishing up the nursery! We cannot wait to celebrate your first birthday with friends and family, oh and cupcakes too!!

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