Monday, March 28, 2011

Kids Birthday Party

Donny and I decided it would be fun to have some of Maddie’s little buddies over to enjoy the special day with her. Play with some toys, eat some cake, you know – just have fun! Well, out house isn’t super big and it also wasn’t super nice outside so us and six kids, oh yeah and all their parents ate food, cake and did presents in the house. I would call is “controlled chaos!” We had a blast and I think the kids did too. Little Park was napping at home so he couldn’t make it but here's what pretty much happened – Little Layna ate and slept like a little baby the whole time – Emery put some pretty nice bite marks into Maddie’s foam numbers (something she has yet to be able to do) – Sam found out his new favorite food group is my pepperoni dip – Charley found  fascination with Maddie’s shoes and laying in our bed – Noah showed to Maddie just how to ride her new train around the house and last but not least, Evan tested out the new car seat over and over. Oh, and all the parents ate food, fed their kids food, cleaned up spilt food (not necessary) and somewhere in there had some fun too. If you can imagine there was just a little bit going on around the house so I have a picture of the cake (adorable) and Maddie eating hers. Thanks to everyone who came to help make this such a special day, we all enjoyed ourselves for sure!

Birthday Girl with Aunt Melinda!

Birthday Kisses!

Santa’s “Last Day”

Enjoying some cake!

The cupcake-cake!

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