Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Maddie’s Car

As you may of may not know I love to frequent the consignment sales that come through the area. By this I mean we (at least April and I) go the first day and buy “must haves.” Toys/gear first and then super adorable clothing we are willing to pay “full price” for. Then of course we go back once it is marked 50% off and get all the other goodies we were eyeing the first time through. Well, Maddie had recently been pushing around a box as her means to practice walking, so since we were going to the sale I thought I would look for some kind of walking toy for her. Well she was in luck! They had a pink “car” that she could walk with complete with steering wheel, keyboard, turn indicators etc., so obviously I snatched it up! She has really been enjoying it, and I enjoy watching her push this around instead of her little diaper box!

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