Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Maddie 12 Months

I figure if I title the post 12 months then I don’t really have to admit the fact that she actually is one year old now. Oh geez. Maddie love, here is where you are now:

- Doctors appt.: you weigh 18lbs 10oz (15th percentile)
                                you are 28” tall (up to the 10th percentile!)

- You continue to take two naps a day still, each for about two hours each!

- You have really taken off with eating, usually using two hands! Your favorite foods are bananas, omelets (southwest style), turkey and cheese, grapes and of course eggplant parm., yum!

- Um lets check on the teeth situation . . .
. . . yeah, no teeth yet still! And yet you manage to eat!

- You still crawl but you love to take a few steps. You have been doing the 1, 2, 3 step fall for a while but are really starting to gain more confidence in walking (tear).

- You are a infant chatterbox. You are the biggest social butterfly ever – whenever we go anywhere you have to say “hi” to everyone so that they see you, especially those that are not paying attention or looking at you. Oh, and you have to say “buh bye” to people as they leave too!

- You love, love to read books all by yourself. Our TV table now doubles as a bookshelf where you will sit and “read” all the books that are there, it’s so cute.

Maddie, you are just the best little thing anyone could ever ask for! You bring us so much joy everyday and we love to watch you grow! Even if I do think it’s a little too fast, but that’s just this momma’s opinion who has a now 1 year old daughter!

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