Sunday, May 8, 2011

Charlotte for the weekend.

For Dr. Pop’s birthday we took him to Charlotte so the boys could go and see the golf tournament and us ladies could do some shopping.

Friday night – dinner at The Flying Saucer.
Maddie and her lemon.

Saturday – I didn’t get any pictures of the boys before they left because it was so early, but we got some once they got back off the bus – Maddie was excited to see them!
Then we all went downtown and stuffed ourselves silly at this cool restaurant Taco Mac. They had tons of great tex-mex food choices, aka my favorite. We slept solid that night and heading back in the morning for Mother’s Day.

Oh, and here was Maddie’s second favorite part of the trip – second to that of squeaking her way through the mall for four hours and saying “hi” to every single person there.

The “other baby” in the room she kept giving kisses.
Between that and the dirty diapers, I don’t think housekeeping will miss us!

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