Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fun Times at the Water Table

It’s hot. What a perfect time to get out Maddie’s “birthday” present from Gamma – a water table! I set it up and put it in the sun on the deck to let the water warm during the day. Then that night we had April and Emery over to play/eat and let the girls go at it. Emery is so cute cause she is just so content standing there and playing. Maddie, who I’m pretty sure used to do that, now likes to play and move all around. Also, apparently Maddie is really into dumping water out of the table. End result – two pretty soaked cuties.
Like I said, water dumping!

Emery, what are you up to? Oh, cool ball!DSC_0227

Where’s Maddie, oh, at your car.

Hey Emery, still at the table I see, whats new? Still liking that ball – cute smile!DSC_0237

Maddie, oh, yup, there you are, with your car!

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