Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day!

I can’t believe this is my second Mother’s Day! Last year Donny surprised me with a new Canon Powershot Camera, him and Maddie had gone out and gotten it. Maddie was a mere six weeks old. Here we are then:

Don’t mind the time stamp, the camera was, like I said, new.
Whoa, pudge!

And here we are one year later, 13 months old – so much had changed! For Mother’s Day Maddie got me a necklace that has her name, birthdate and birthstone on it – so sweet. Donny is taking us to Tysons Corner the second weekend in June!

Here Becky, let me show you what’s in my purse:
My own debit card. . .
. . . and lipstick! Want some?
The tongue!
A little nighttime piano playing. Maddie was just picking out some different sheet music – the beginning of the book was far too easy.

you have made being a mother the most enjoyable, amazing and rewarding jobs in the world. I could have never fathomed having so much love for a little baby before you. Thank you for helping my heart grow with more love every day and for teaching me that being a mom is the best thing in the world!
Love you,

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