Friday, May 13, 2011

Guess where we were . . . ??

. . . the Greenbrier! That’s right, Donny and I went on our first trip without Maddie. And for two nights! We obviously missed Maddie tons and couldn't wait to see her when we got home, but, Donny and I had such a great time. we had expensive meals, chats not about work or Maddie, walks, lounging and doing whatever on whatever schedule we wanted! I took some pictures on our first night before I realized my camera had no battery and died. Boo. In case you don’t know of or about the Greenbrier it is, really! It’s about ninety minutes from here is it is the most palatial resort I have ever seen.
The walk up from the car:

The front:

Inside: shops on our way to the elevator

On our way to dinner – you have to dress up for everything!DSC_0095

After dinner we toured the “grounds” by foot. Of course the grounds are some 40,000+ acres of greenery, a fraction of which we saw.
ahh . . . infinite pool :)
And, I took no pictures of my food (again my camera died) but it also was never on my plate long enough. They grow pretty much all the produce and poultry on the grounds, and it is well worth the price and whatever poundage may have been gained.

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