Sunday, October 9, 2011

How do you . . .

. . . photograph your kid on the move? I tried to take some pictures of Maddie before going to church but she just keeps on walking. And, she is also obsessed with the camera and wants to see the “picture.” That would be why at the end all my pictures are Maddie in front of my lens or walking around behind me. Ugh!


After church and her nap Maddie likes to read and sit in her chair with her baby. But, baby must have been in some kind of mood because she did not want to cooperate and it was really bothering Maddie – to the point she she picked her up and tossed her! I guess it beats being shoved in the oven which is what Maddie was doing to her last week! I’m sure we’ll work these kinks out before the next baby comes.

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