Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Photo-Op

So, I’m not really going to write that much because it’s pretty self explanatory. And basically I am just going to shove all the pictures I took in your face since you don’t really read what I write anyways. We went down to South Roanoke Methodists so Mimi’s friend Bittsy could take some pictures of Maddie. We did this last year too when Maddie was 6 months old. Bittsy, a photographer extraordinaire, unlike myself shoots Nikon black and white film and develops it all herself. The best I do it put my photo montage on here for you to see unedited aka raw. She wins. Here’s what I got, I’ll post later what she captured.

Maddie decided she was done and she was going to take her new friend, “care-crow” home.

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