Monday, October 31, 2011

Shark Attack!

Are you ready for some serious picture overload? Ok, good because you know I couldn’t post just one picture of Maddie from Halloween. Oh, by the way she was a shark, and according to her, a “scary” shark. Fortunately it was a cool evening so Maddie wore her big puffer jacket under her costume which did a decent job at filling it out – aka so it didn’t look like it was swallowing her. I guess since she was a scary shark that’s why she chose not to smile in any pictures I tried to take.

Like I said, the jacket really helped fill out the costume.

To our first stop – Park’s house!

Look at these two together again! I’m sure Park’s thinking “man I am so lucky I have teeth because I can eat candy, sorry Mads.”
2 teeth = no candy.
These two last year . . . a whole lotta monkey business.
A giraffe spotted in the wild!

When you let Donny operate the camera, you get some rare finds, pictures that really capture the essence of the situation. Something like this for example – can you see Maddie through the tree that Donny apparently climbed to take this picture?
Or how about this – normally I would never post a picture of myself from behind let alone pregnant, and huge – but anyway – a real gem by photographer Donny.

We trick-r-treated to one house up at Mimi and Pop’s house and Maddie meant business . . . she took about five peanut butter cups all of which she said were for Dada – nice work Mads!

Oh wait, I did get one half smile picture . . .
. . . with her eyes closed, ahh maybe next year!

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