Sunday, February 5, 2012

3 Weeks

Well little man, you have survived three weeks around here and you are no worse for the wear – me on the other hand, well I just go day to day – ha! You are still eating (all the time) and sleeping well at night (which I really love). You have also started to like tummy time a little more. Also, your big sis just adores you, she is forever saying “hold Donny, Maddie hold Donny Mama.” It is super cute. You have taken a couple more “big boy” baths, its growing on you. You also went to church for the first time this week! You were a true gentleman, you slept, woke up to eat (some) and went back to sleep. I’m sure you loved/recognized the music because when I was preggo with you and we would stand to sing/clap/dance you would always start moving!

Dressed for church!

Seriously mom?

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