Tuesday, February 21, 2012

1 Month

I’m pretty sure I think about all of Donny’s posts with “I can’t believe he is already . . .,” but seriously, 1 month, already?! Well big man (I mean this literally) you are changing so much. You are growing so big, every time Dad holds you he says you feel heavier, which is pretty much true. You are nursing and getting formula at night because you are still just so hungry. We really haven't figured out things that you like, you really just like to go from one thing to another – nothing keeps you really content for very long unless it’s the swing and you are sleeping.DSC_0892
We went for your one month checkup and you are:
11lbs 3oz – 90th percentile
21.5” long – 50th percentile
Dr. Cummings was very pleased with your growth – as was I! She said that these next 4-6 weeks would be challenging and fussy because you are going to be growing and really coming into your own.  You are going to start seeing more around you and becoming a little person and its often times overwhelming (ha!). So we can just expect a little more crying and fussiness. Fortunately big sis Maddie is obsessed with you having your paci every time you make a peep, so she will try and keep you calm if she can help it. My favorite time with you is feeding in the middle of the night because you are so sleepy and calm, I get to watch you drift back off to sleep and hold you while you do your sleep smiles and panting – just like big sis.DSC_0896
Sorry ‘bout the pink bib bud, we’ll get you some blue stuff!

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