Monday, February 13, 2012

Kind of felt like super-mom

Basically we had no groceries/food or anything I could rustle up to eat in the house and since Sunday when I was going to go to the grocery store everyone fell asleep on me (including myself) I had to go on Monday – with the kiddos. So I fed Donny, gave him a quick bath, got us all dressed, and out the door to the store. I carried both kids across the lot and loaded us into the cart that has the car attached to the front. I bribed Maddie with those awesome cheddar jack cheese-its and off we went. I got all my stuff on the list and survived without any crying from anyone – me included – score! We got home and I got all the stuff unpacked and started into making cookies for Maddie’s class for Valentines Day. We may have made it 90% through when Donny woke up and I may have bounced him on my hip/shoved a paci in his mouth so I could get the last batch of cookies through the oven. We all broke down – I mean – eventually we all had lunch of some sort and took naps. Maddie and I resumed cookie activity after her nap – I let her do sprinkles – not a super-mom moment but she loved it, whatever.

How to decorate cookies for classmates at school:

1. Get sprinkles out of ramekin

2. Sprinkle top of cookie

3. Shove fingers in your mouth

4. Eat all sprinkles stuck on your hand

5. Scrap frosting and sprinkles off and eat when no ones looking

6. Begin to redecorate said cookie

After all this we packaged them all up and sent them off to school – just kidding. I cleaned them up and we let Dada eat them – he just doesn’t know Maddie licked them all clean before he ate them, haha!

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