Monday, February 27, 2012

Matchy Match

Kim and Dr. Pops office once made Maddie a little dress when we was born. And so, when baby Donny was born, she made him a little outfit too. So I figured I would dress him up in it and bring the kids to the office so she could see him wearing it. Then I thought, I should find Maddie’s little dress too. And wouldn’t ya know it – it still fits – although really I’m not too surprised since she has only gained 14lbs or so since birth! So duh I took their picture per Maddie’s request, and to show Kim how cute they look incase Donny was asleep and I wouldn’t dare take him out of his car seat . . . so Kim, this is for you!DSC_0928DSC_0929
Maddie may have fit in hers at almost 2 but baby Donny, yours is going to be snug pretty soon! Oh, and Maddie always wants to have her picture taken kissing baby Donny on the head, and then she wants to hold him. . . .
. . . and here's what happens. So be thankful Dr. Pops office that he was asleep when we got there otherwise this is what we would have had to handle!

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