Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy 2 Weeks Little Man


I can hardly believe it has already been two weeks! You are so much more alert these days and you are getting your days and nights sorted out – which I appreciate. You still weigh 9lbs 8oz but we will get that sorted out. You eat well during the day although I usually have to wake you up, and you do well at night going a little longer 4-5hrs between meals. You do love some attention though – we rotate shifts trying to calm you down! After you eat if you are not passed out you are awake/alert some and then you get those lungs going. You are still handsome as ever and your cord fell off on Monday so now you get to do “big baths” which judging by the picture below, you aren't too fond of yet either. We will go back and visit the LC and see what we can do about getting some more calories in you and plump you up some more!

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