Thursday, March 1, 2012

Big Sis Maddie–23 Months

I may have missed a few months or so, but here is one last update before you turn 2, which I still can’t believe, didn’t you just turn one? Well, recently you have been sick, like phlegmy cough, congestion, teething (what else is new) and thus you have been saying all the time “mama, hold you.” It’s pretty pathetic but really adorable at the same time. Here is what you are up to:

Sad, sick Maddie who would only wear her reindeer PJs
- You love school and you tell me all about your day and who had their paci at school and who had boo-boos, etc.

- You love going to church to see your “buddies” even though you cry when we drop you off we have to literally drag you to the car to go get lunch

- You know all your colors and love to tell us what color everything is

- You can count to ten when actually counting something, you tend to boycott the number 7 sometimes which drives Uncle Rick insane

- You pretty much talk in long phrases or sentences which is just crazy and hilarious! You twist back what we say you and then say it all the time. You love to come up and hug my leg and say “So proud of you Mama.” Melt my heart.

- You love baby Donny and tell him all the time. Meanwhile you tell everyone else that “Donny cry.” Haha, true.

- You love to pick out your own outfits, food, toys, etc

- Ohh and we have made progress of the teething front! You have your two lower teeth and scraggletooth – the lone top tooth. We thought you had these three until one day I discovered you have molars already through in the back! You are by far the strangest teething child I know – and most people agree!

- You still have your paci in the car (bane of my existence) and I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. Your pacis in your bed, or your piece as you call it is “broken” because “mama cut it” or “dada cut it” whichever you feel like saying.

- You  are obsessed with singing and dancing. You have all kinds of funny dance moves and you love to sing to your song in the car. You favorite is for me to video you on the iPad so that you can watch yourself do everything – I will post these videos soon!

Pretty much you are getting to be such a big girl that I can hardly picture you as a baby like Donny is now – its almost been two years, tear.

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