Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Maddie 2 Years!

So I already did my little Mama sob story, so I will just do a few pictures and write down what you are doing now.

At your 2 year appointment you were:
25lbs 8oz – 25th percentile – up 4lbs since 18 months
32 1/2” tall – 25th percentile – up 1” since 18 months
- As you can see you have new teeth! Last year you had your two bottom teeth by your birthday and now you have 6, from what you let me see! All along we thought you had your bottom two and scraggletooth (with your other top tooth coming thru), and then one day you opened wide and you had two molars in the back! You are a strange teether!
- You still sleep and eat great. You take 1 afternoon nap and sleep from 8ish to 7ish. You eat most anything – or atleast give it a try! Your faves are hot dogs, cheese!, turkey, noodles, chicky nuggets, and all kinds of fruit. Oh, and you love to dip your food in anything! Syrup, ketchup, ranch, you name it, you love it!
- You love to cheese it up for the camera. Literally, you say “cheese” and scrunch up your face and nose and show your teeth.
- You love going to school twice a week and have made some great friends!
- You can count to ten, still boycotting 7 sometimes. We love to count buttons on your clothes, food on your plate, etc.DSC_1231
- You can name all your colors and refer to things by their color too, “no red shoes mama!”
- You talk in true phrases or full sentences now! The pediatrician was very impressed with the conversations that you guys had. She was blown away by how well she could understand you! You definitely know plenty of words to tell us what you do or don’t want!
- You love to sing in the car! We listen to our Chris Tomlin cd over and over and over. You have your faves, “Our God” “the Woah song” “How Great” to name a few. And, you know most all the words. It can bring a mama to tears hearing you sing “how great is our God, sing with me!” from the back seat.DSC_1238
- You have the cutest mannerisms now too! You always want to “help you” when it comes to getting Dada dressed or myself. You say “love you” all the time to us and D. And you give kisses and hugs at the best times!
- You love your baby brother, you let us know for sure! You always want to hold him or get him his paci! You call him Baby D, Donny (pronounced Dawwwneee), and D Quad thanks to Dada drilling that one home.
*Speaking of pacis, or your “piece,” yours is cut down so low it doesn’t even stay in your mouth, and you don’t have one in the car anymore. We are thinking of leaving it for the Easter Bunny next Sunday!*
- You are in a “love” phase. You tell us the most random things that you love it is hilarious. “I love this song mama,” “I love Donny’s eyes,” “I love this dress!” It is hysterical sometimes how you say you just looove something, it is even more funny because you say it referring not to people but things – hilarious!

This list could go on forever and I’m sure I will find stuff to add, but that’s a brief summary of what you are doing now that you are a “big girl” and 2!

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