Thursday, March 1, 2012

Smile, 6 Weeks!

Haha, you really are smiling though! It is rather hard to catch on camera, but sometimes you do the little one eyed wink smile like Maddie used to – so cute. Aside from smiling – you are cooing like a pro! I will have to get some on video, your favorite place is to chat on the changing table. You are also starting to swat at things, your favorite being the panda on the bouncy seat. You also just love to watch him spin around and around. We are also still swaddling you to help you sleep better, sometimes with your arms in depending on how fussy you are. Right now your schedule for eating is as follows:

7:30/8am with a cat nap before your next meal
10:30/11am with a nap for about an hour before next meal
1:30/2pm and then down for a nap til “dinner”
5:30/6pm with a cat nap (because you are worn out from crying)  til the last bottle
8:30/9pm and asleep til
1:30/anytime to east and back to sleep and then up again around
4/5am to eat and sleep til 7am again

Oh, did I mention bottle? Yeah we are on bottles and my life is 400 times easier. It takes so much less time for him to eat, and Dada can help feed you when we gets home (bonus!) And, I think it helps fill you up more because you would always nurse for sooo long and still be hungry after the well had run dry.

Smiles so far . . .

The funny one-eyed wink smile just like Maddie

Oh, and who doesn’t love a baby right out of the bath, delicious!

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