Monday, March 26, 2012

Donny’s Dedication

On Sunday we had Donny dedicated at church. It was an extra special time for us because it was Maddie’s actual birthday and we had a ton of family who were able to come. We are so excited that we have found a church that we can call our home and we really feel like we belong. We have made great friends with people there and look forward to having our kids grow with the church as well. Donny also got to wear the same gown (or “dress” as Dada Donny calls it) that Maddie wore, and I and my siblings wore when we were baptized. Poor baby Donny, we draped his blue jacket over him because, it is a gown, and someone next to Donny may have said “what a beautiful daughter you have,” and their weren’t referring to Maddie. I thought he looked very handsome, even if we did have to leave the buttons in the back undone so he would fit!

Here's Donny &Maddie in the gown. Maddie was 9 weeks, D is 10.
Maddie may have grown mildly impatient with us being the second to last family to go. To her credit she is used to just running up “on stage” after church.

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  1. So cute!! And I can't even tell which baby pic is Maddie and which is Donny!!



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