Wednesday, March 21, 2012

D Two Months / Go Rick, Swim Fast

Here at the Smith house party of two kiddos, you have to multi-task. And by that I mean I am combining stuff because apparently I don’t have a ton of pictures of D this week when he is really “2 months.” Also, Uncle Rick (Maddie’s obsession) is swimming at Nationals this week in Indianapolis, so we are wearing our W&L gear to support him.
So, D you are two months and no worse for the wear. You are doing so much better sleeping, knock on some serious wood. You go down around 10ish and make it til 4/6:30, somewhere in there. Your naps during the day are short in the morning, about 20/30 min, shorter if I try to actually take a shower while you are napping. However, you do take a great nap in the afternoons when Maddie naps so Mama gets a little Mama time.DSC_1104
You love to talk, talk, talk. Especially to cookie monster who is on the shelf above your changing table. You squeal/laugh sometimes too. You love to smile back at us when we are talking to you.
You have found your hands and I swear if you could suck off your fingers you would. I’m also not convinced that you couldn’t fit your whole fist in your mouth if you wanted to. Which brings me to your paci, or your piece according to Maddie. You love the paci but know with your hands flailing who often times pull it out, no good.
And lastly, with your hands, you  rub your eyes when you are in your crib and tired or when I’m holding you – it is truly adorable! You yawn and ball up your fists and rub away, usually knocking out your piece, but cute nonetheless. Oh, and you wake up talking all happy and peaceful too, adorable!

Like I said, Go Rick Swim Fast!

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