Wednesday, May 2, 2012

D 15 Weeks

I finally got a chance to take a few - ok a lot - of pictures of you today while you were so happy! You are still sleeping well and eating super well. And you are still obsessed with eating your hands. You put them together and clasp them and then right into your mouth they go – bring on the slobber!

By the way this “infant” sized hat does not fit your head, sorry.
You try to talk with your lips closed. It’s like you are trying to blow bubbles with your mouth closed – its hilarious!
Oh, and you are in the jumper now and can just quite reach the floor on the first setting.

Now this my friends, is a boys outfit. Who’s with me?! Smocked dinosaurs – yes please!!DSC_0561
This dazed look never gets old! Besides it helps remind me//show other people how big you are!DSC_0564DSC_0570

Yup, there's my little helper Maddie! Look at how mesmerized D is with her. She's saying “look here D, now cheese!”
“Come here sis, let me just nibble on your arm for a sec.”

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