Thursday, May 3, 2012

So I back-blog

Some of you may notice that all of sudden you come to my blog and there are 3 or 4 new posts! Well, it gets busy around here and I blog on the upstairs computer so it isn't as easy to do on a daily or every other day basis. So when I do dump all my pictures for the week or two and I write my posts, I try to date them for that day. Mainly because I like to look back and see the right time frame for something. For example, I could be late in actually posting D’s weekly or monthly post but the pictures and such are from the right date. So anyways, I did do the midweek confessions at the right time but that’s because I could use the iPad – no pix necessary. And, we/I had a major scare – our computer had a virus that made it seem like everything, I’m talking everything, had been wiped clean. Pictures and videos from when Maddie was born til now and the same with D. So, I haven't been up on this computer, nor was I going to add new photos onto an infected computer. So, for your reading pleasure I recently posted these:
1. D 15 Weeks
2. Midweek Confessions
3. Tutu to school
4. It's like riding a bike
5. What's up D?

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