Sunday, May 6, 2012

True Story

Yes, while both kids were napping I mowed the yard. Yes, I was a sweaty grass covered mess. Yes, I then took a shower. Yes, D then woke up and I figured I would go ahead and feed him. And yes, while standing wrapped in my towel with a baby on my hip I heard a man talking in my backyard. Yes, I originally thought it was my neighbors and kids until I realized it was Scott and Maddie’s bestest bud Park. So I called out through the window to them in the backyard to say hey! And yes, I was still wrapped in my towel.

I threw on the closest semi-clean clothing I could find and invited them in. Park, love him, enjoys dressing up in Maddie’s stuff. In particular her shoes and tutus, did I mention how much I love this? He also loves the fact that Maddie has about four bikes sitting in our front yard. Maddie finally woke up from her nap and joined us outside to play. Not a moment before she dressed up too. I don’t think these photos need any captions.

I told Scott I could make him a matching tutu. He’s getting back to me on the color.

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