Sunday, May 6, 2012

Flying solo Sunday

Well most days I am flying solo for some part of the day because Donny is at work or playing soccer, or help coach soccer, etc. But, today was a Sunday where we usually team up to get the kids ready for church, do lunch, the rest of the day, etc. Instead Donny and Ben went down to the Wells Fargo golf tourney in Charlotte for the day. No worries, the kids and I got through the day just fine – well, we were all up at six am, so were were maybe a little more tired than normal.

But everyone was happy and smiling.DSC_0593

Well, this is Maddie’s new “smile face,” yikes!

Yes, D, my thoughts exactly.

So yes, everyone is happy.

And, we all got showered, dressed and ready for church. And we made it there on time!

Really Maddie? That’s your smile? D, I’m worried too.

At least we got a few quasi-good photos in,DSC_0605

. . . and then this happened!
More to come!

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