Saturday, May 26, 2012

D 4 Months

D, little man, you are four months old. Well, maybe a little more than that but who’s counting? You are a big guy. I took you to the doctors last week and your stats were:
weight: 17lbs 12oz – 90th percentile
height: 25in – 50-75th percentile
DSC_0684The doctor was so impressed with you neck/head control. You pull up with your arms and keep your head right in-line. You also will pull up to stand and can do more than just “bear weight” on your legs.
You have rolled over once or twice but nothing that is becoming a habit. You do love to just lay on your side though.
DSC_0735You are sleeping through the night consistently for the last month. If you do wake up we just let your cry, if you even do, sometimes you just talk and stomp your feet and then go back to sleep. You sleep from 8-6.
You talk all.the.time.! You are so happy and smiley now – so different than the little baby you were two months ago. You babble and love, love to blow raspberries.
You grab for toys and grasp your hands together too. It is so adorable to watch you focus your hands and try and grab sometime. Which you then instantly try to shove in your mouth.
You have started solids. So far we have tried rice cereal, avocado, and bananas. You aren't quite sure what to do with the food but you seem to enjoy it.
You continue to eat 5x a day. Morning bottle at 6/6:30 then at 10, 1, 5, and 7:30/8. We have been doing solids at “lunch” because that is when you are up and happiest to eat it.
You are really such a happy little playful baby. You love to smile back at your mama, dada, and Maddie. You smile at anyone else who talks to you and gets you going. You also giggle and squeal which is just hilarious. I have a video of you in the jumper (your fave) just laughing at me.

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