Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Midweek Confessions

In an attempt to actually have more than a thousand pictures a post on my blog, I am joining up with E for some midweek confessions.

- I am making a conscious effort to try and stay of Facebook, ie no posting pictures (on my wall at least) of the kiddos. Thus I am stalking all of my “friends” and their blogs.

- I feel like the blogs that I read, I know them and thus they are my friends. For example, I think I cried when I found out Megan was pregnant. I talk about Kelly like she lives down the street. I got excited when Kat got the same camera as me. And, reading about Katie and her running journey makes me want to go run . . . does anyone else feel this way about fellow bloggers?

- I have conquered one day of boot-camp and I love it. I may make a blog about that too – something else for no one to read? Ha. I say I loved the first day mainly because it was, gasp!, less than I thought we were going to have to do. I thought the measurements, mile and times pushups/sit-ups were the “prelim” stuff and then we were going to have our session – then I really would have died.
- I have been trying to be better about letting house not be super clean all the time. I made it about two days and then in a fit of rage last night almost threw Maddie’s power wheels (which was in the kitchen) out the window.
- Following with the previous random-bite, our house is entering that “overwhelming large toy” phase. D is using those bigger toys, like the bouncer and the swing, and Maddie has about 8 bikes that “cant” get wet those they have to get moved inside. my 100 sq ft house feels smaller by the day.
- Oh and Donny and I are trying to eat healthy. By which I mean I eat cereal and he eats chocolate chip pancakes. I drink my water bottle while he has Oreos with his milk. Makes it tough for sure!
- Maybe I will go start that other blog . . .


  1. oh I ALWAYS feel like I could call up my blogging buddies and have a chat as if we're friends from way back when. You're not the only one!

    Cute blog!

  2. Ha! I agree! My blog friends know me better in some ways!

  3. I went to Charlotte to meet one of my blog friends...actually 2 of my blog friends, if you count PW. I am with you on the house cleaning business. I've had to majorly adjust to not being able to clean like I used to. Tell me more about this boot camp.



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