Tuesday, June 19, 2012

D 5 Months

Holy cow, time really does fly by faster with the second child. Next month you will be six months – 1/2 a year old, yikes!DSC_1366
Well D you continue to be a big guy. I took to you to the doctor at about 4.5 months because you had a temperature and you weighed in at 18lbs 5oz, so I’m guess by your next appointment you will be close to 19! For the record Maddie was 18lbs 9oz when she was 1!
You are rolling over all the time now and you pretty much sleep on your belly. You can roll from your belly to you back but not as much. You just rest up on your elbows too during tummy time.DSC_1349
You are all smiles and giggles. It is so funny, its like you stored it all up during those first months where you just screamed, and now you are so happy! You smile whenever someone comes and talks to you and you giggle at the most simplest of things – even me just wiggling your legs while changing your diaper.DSC_1370
You are loving solids! For fruits you’ve had bananas, pears, and applesauce. For veggies you’ve had sweet potatoes, squash, peas and carrots. You love it all! Still a little messy sometimes but you love to eat.
You are still eating ~32oz on top of the food you eat (fruit in the am and veggie in the pm). You have your bottles when you wake up, usually around 6/615 then again at 1030/11, 1, 5 and 7:30. You go to bed after your last bottle at 7:30 and sleep till about 5:30 or 6. You are in such a great routine now where we can just lay you down and you go to sleep!
You love to babble and chat with your sister it is adorable. She can make you laugh by doing her little head tilt and you love to listen to her sing you songs.
You are doing a great job sitting on your own. We still put a couple pillows around you for padding but you are a pretty sturdy guy!
Oh, no teeth yet buddy. You drool and gnaw on everything like there might be something there but not yet. If you are anything like your sister you still have another 7 months before they’ll appear.
You are such a lovable, snuggly “little” baby. We have gotten into such a great routine its like you have always been here! We love  you little D and cant wait to see what the next month has in store!

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