Wednesday, June 6, 2012

While D Naps . . .

Maddie and I try and do some kind of craft or other fun activity to keep us occupied. I have really racked up quite a few tricks in my arsenal. Aside from the fun of sitting on the dryer while its running (so I can get laundry done) or learning to put in the “cubes” in the dishwasher (everybody loves clean dishes) we really have a chance for us girls to get in a hour or some of fun time. We play with the bubble machine or just blow bubbles, we play golf, we color or one of Maddie’s favorites – we paint!
Maddie loves to paint her hands now which is hilarious because for most of the school year she refused to. They actually made a master copy of Maddie’s handprint at school so they could use a cut-out when needed, ha!

Obviously Maddie was pretty pumped about having her picture taken this morning.

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