Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Trot Trot to Boston

We have been looking forward to this trip for so long, we even created a count down for it at home. What we had not been looking forward to was a 11+ hour car ride with the kiddos and Rick – Donny stayed home to work, he’ll come up with us when we go back in August. So the car ride, honestly, it could have been soooo much worse! We timed our stops for food/fuel/potty breaks all at the same time so it really worked out great. I think when we got there Rick was the most excited to get out of the car, ha! Our trip home was even better on the way up which was awesome! When we got there we were greeted by four days of 90/100 degree temperatures. Needless to say we spent those at the pool. We cant wait to go back in few weeks!!
This picture makes me wet my pants EVERYTIME!!!

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