Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Dada Day, early!

While I’m not posting this till Fathers Day, I couldn’t wait to see the pictures! Maddie has worked so hard on her painting for Donny’s office – its so cute. And I just laugh because its just tons of handprints which until about a few months ago she hated doing! We also got Donny a pair of tickets (so Rick can go too) to the Greenbrier Classic on Sunday – the final round!

(In the words of Maddie,)
Dear Dada,
Thanks for being sooo good. I love you sooo much. I love to watch soccer golf with you. You make really good noodles. I like to come in the bathroom and help you shave and shower. I come upstairs to help you get dressed, you wear belt and tie.
I love you sooo much (insert arm motion)

(In the words of D)
Dear Dada,
Thanks for feeding me my bottle. Thanks for feeding me real food. Why have you been holding out on me?

Maddie’s painting reveal . . . it took us about 3 days to create, and the canvas is about 3’x3’, its awesome!

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