Saturday, June 9, 2012

The end of Boot Camp

Well, I have officially completed/lived/survived my first boot camp experience and I can honestly say I love every minute of it. I loved the suicides, the chariot pulls, the plank pushups, the burpees – wait no I didn’t like those, but most importantly I loved and still love Katie. She is an amazing woman who demonstrates strength, motivation and perseverance to all of her campers in both the sessions and her own personal training. Im most sad about the fact that I only get to do one camp with her before they move to northern VA – le sigh. When I first met them (Katie and her husby Big Bryan) we were trying to get pregnant (I actually was) and then for the next two camps-ish, I was preggo and then just had a baby. So when the next camp came around and D was 2+ months I thought, why not? I am so glad I did – best decision ever! Aside from all the hard workouts, I met some great motivating people. You really develop a cohesiveness with your group – we keep each other motivated on Facebook and rag on each other when you’re absent. I never once dreaded going to “camp,” it didn’t hurt that I got to leave the kids home with Donny and have a little time to myself – but honestly I loved each session – even fierce Friday. I even brought Rick, Mr W&L swimmer fitness guy to camp one Friday and he thought it was hard – so that’s saying something! All in all it was a great experience and I plan on doing tons of drop-ins through the summer until there is another camp to sign up for – this next time I want to do the 5:30 am camp (crazy, I know) just because its easier with the kiddos.

On the last day of camp – by far the easiest day ever (!!!) we did our fitness test stuff again to see our improvement. I did 15 more sit-ups and 17 more pushups this time! I also shaved 1:12 off my mile time (a minute twelve people not an hour, I’m not that slow). I also lost ~8” and 9% body fat, can I get a hoo-ahh!!

So to culminate our grand finale of boot camp we had a cookout and a kickball game to decide the ultimate best campers, AM vs PM. I mean, we really knew us PMers were the best we just really wanted to seal the deal so we had all the bragging rights. So after we stuffed ourselves silly full of food (it was Saturday after all) we headed over the to the fields and that’s where it all went down.

Katie was presented with a scrapbook of memories, before/after, and catchphrases accumulated from all the boot camps. There may have been a few tears shed, ok so all of us were crying pretty much.

So because I am a good team player I only took pictures of our team, the hot pinkness. And, for those who “batted” after me, there were no pictures of them because obviously I was on base, some of the time, ha!DSC_1010DSC_1011

I don’t know Melissa from anything other than the one time she told me I ran a suicide really fast (totally on my mental wall of fame!) but I’m going to vote that perhaps she doesn’t give up sargin’ up camp for kickball – just sayin!

Oh, Morgan! This girl is hardcore through and through. I learned my lesson the hard way by volunteering to do chariot pulls with her one time. Every camp I knew if I was next to her and worked half as hard I would get a great calorie burn! Super motivator and leader right there! She also has a super-cute daughter to boot!

I cant believe it is already over! Six weeks seemed so long but in the end they flew by, even the Fierce Fridays are a blurrrrr, mmm maybe. Well, I wont get really sad until Katie & co actually pack up boxes and do things like buy a house and set a date of when they leave – that will be a sad, sad day.


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